Does Your Home Need a Roof Replacement?

On average a homeowner will not know when it becomes necessary to have a roof replacement done on their home until long after it starts leaking and water causes other internal and structural damage.  This is primarily due to the fact that the majority of homeowners do not regularly access their roof to inspect it for damage, wear, or shingle failure. Even the few courageous homeowners who make the annual trip on to their roof to clear off leaves and other debris, likely do not have the knowledge or expertise to properly assess their roof system for the signs that it is in need of replacement.  Time and accuracy must be dedicated to a complete roof inspection, especially if your roof is 15 or more years old.

In most cases homeowners get a roof replacement long after the shingle life has expired.  This is because most people are hesitant due to the time the job takes, the mess, and the overall cost to have the project completed.  Replacing your roof is a major home construction project with an average starting cost is $5,000 or higher, depending upon many factors.  Justifying this expense is sometimes challenging, especially during economically challenging times.

However, roof replacement can actually save both time and money in the long run.  Diagnosing the severity of roof problems, however, can be a difficult process.

In most cases the roof material has simply exceeded its functional life and begins to fail.  Wind and ice are primary causes of roof damage on older roofing systems, and it is strongly recommended that your roof be replaced if it is 15 or more years old, especially if the roof is leaking.  In some cases problems occur when the roof was initially installed improperly and Mother Nature has finally taken its toll.  In either case a roof replacement is needed, the only question that remains is what type of roof replacement need to be done:

A complete tear off?

Shingling over existing shingles?