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Each year, about 50 construction workers are killed by falls from ladders. More than half of the deaths occur to people working from ladders. Twice as many falls occur stepping or climbing down compared to going up ladders. The main cause of falls from straight and extension ladders is sliding of the ladder base.  Further, statistics show that 95% of all incidents involving ladders are the result of the unsafe acts of users.
Probably the most important thing any roofing contractor can do is to select a quality ladder.… Continue reading

Whether your a home or business owner and your considering having your roof replaced, one of the things you will have to contemplate investing in is Ice and Water Shield.  In most cases when the roofing contractor(s) provide their bid(s), one of the options will be installing ice and water shield — in the least along all gutter lines — on your roof deck.  When you see the additional cost you will likely be asking yourself, “Is Ice and Water Shield Worth the Cost?  The answer… Continue reading