Is Ice and Water Shield Worth the Cost?

Whether your a home or business owner and your considering having your roof replaced, one of the things you will have to contemplate investing in is Ice and Water Shield.  In most cases when the roofing contractor(s) provide their bid(s), one of the options will be installing ice and water shield — in the least along all gutter lines — on your roof deck.  When you see the additional cost you will likely be asking yourself, “Is Ice and Water Shield Worth the Cost?  The answer to that question is an affirmative YES!

Ice and water shield is not a cheap roofing accessory.  Although many would argue the fact of whether its an “accessory” or a “necessity”, the truth is that it all boils down to the pitch of your roof, and whether or not you currently experience ice damming issues?  In either case, if you ultimately decide that the investment is worth it, there are some tips that will ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

Probably the most critical part of the ice and water shield installation process is that the edge of the ice and water barrier drape down off the roof decking and over the fascia, or in the least that it drape into the gutter if you are not having your gutters replaced.  The reason for this is that the goal is to create a continuous barrier from either the gutter, or the fascia, up and on to the roof decking for approximately three feet to eliminate all water infiltration.  In the event that your not having your gutter replaced and the ice and water shield will be draped down the inside back of the gutter, it will be necessary to install new gutter apron “over” the ice and water shield; sandwiching the ice and water shield between the apron and the gutter back.  The illustration below (without gutter) shows where ice can and will migrate up and into the soffit and onto the roof behind the “drip edge” if there is not any barrier to prevent it.

Roof-to-fascia ice and water shield_Waukesha Roofing