Waukesha Home and Business Owners Plagued by Roof Leaks

If you’re a Waukesha roofing contractor your phone may be ringing off the hook this spring and summer with calls from homeowners and businesses that are experiencing leaking roofs. This is most likely due to the fact that through the end of June, Southeast Wisconsin and Waukesha County have received about eight inches of rain.  Typically the Waukesha area will receive anywhere from three to five inches of rain in this same time frame, which makes this year an above average rain fall season.

With the above average rain totals it seems as though roof leak problems are popping up out of nowhere for Waukesha home and business owners.  However, serious roof leaks usually don’t just begin within a day or two.  In a majority of the cases a roof leak has been manifesting for several months, or even years before the leak is actually noticed because the leak may have been minor and able to escape detection.  However, when severe storms roll through Waukesha and the winds drive rain and water in various directions, each and every flaw in the flashing’s and roof barrier become a visible problem.

The large volumes of water associated with sever storms are suddenly introduced to these vulnerable components, and what once used to be a drip or small trickle has now become a steady stream of water.  If you are a Waukesha home or business owner who has experienced recent leaking problems, you may be wondering exactly how the leak began.

Some of the primary roof components that are most susceptible to leaking are metal flashing’s such as the plumbing vent pipe flashing, box or hat vents, and chimney flashing, because they have the most exposure to the elements.  When these flashing’s fail they allow water to penetrate the roof barrier, destroying decking, drywall, insulation, and sometimes causing mold to grow.  Ensuring that these roof components are properly maintained, or quickly repaired when they do fail, will ensure the longevity of your roofing system by avoiding any roof leaks before damages occur to your home or business.
The illustrations below are examples of these flashing’s that need repair or replacement.

The rubber boot on this plumbing vent pipe flashing is cracked, thereby allowing water to leak in and cause damage to the roofing system.

Rubber Boot_Waukesha Roofing Contractor











This hat vent was leaking when there was a driving rain in one of the many thunderstorms that passed through Waukesha recently. Although intact and diverting rain and water around the bathroom exhaust vents, it was not properly fastened along the bottom of the flange.

Hat Vent_Waukesha Roofing Contractor











This chimney flashing is leaking where the flashing is caulked along the mortar joint.  Without repair or replacement this type of leak will cause substantial damage.

Chimney Flashing_Waukesha Roofing Contractor