Roof Barrier

Like the structural elements of the roofing system, the roof barrier is comprised of many various components that work together to keep your home or business protected from rain, snow and ice.  Without the proper barriers in place, your roof will leak and ultimately cause structural damage to the roofing system, insulation, and drywall or plaster ceilings and/or walls.  As can easily be expected, one small leak may result in substantial repair costs, so following the manufacturer recommendations for the proper roof barrier is essential.

For the sake of clarity the roof barrier components have been broken down into three primary elements:


  1. Roof felt
  2. Ice & water shield/barrier
  3. Shingles, Rubber, and Metal roofing


A credible roofing contractor will properly assess and recommend the proper barrier protection that a roof needs. Based upon many factors, including the pitch of the roof, whether there are trouble areas that water, snow and ice have a tendency to back-up on, and the specifications recommended by the manufacturer of the roofing material, the roofing contractor should discuss the minimum requirements with you when the time comes to replace the roof on your home or business.