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The Purpose of WaukeshaRoofingContractor.Com is to guide consumers, and to help them make a good decision in their roofing project. We are not affiliated with any roof company. I am merely a retired roofer, and have over 30 years of hands on experience in residential construction and renovation. Our website is the “Go To” source for making a sound, educated decision in choosing a roofing contractor for your residential exterior project.

Choosing the right Waukesha roofing contractor to perform work on your home is a very critical decision. Roofing projects are a significant financial investment. When all is said and done, whether or not you receive a great product with excellent workmanship and warranty protection to protect your investment is what matters most.


There are many roofing contractors in the Waukesha area and often times it can be difficult to discern which one to call and which one to choose. Don’t hesitate to call three or four to get a good comparison.  Ultimately making the right decision depends upon asking the right questions and knowing which answers are in your best interest. Reading the terms of any proposal and contract is very important  Make sure that it coincides with what the sales person said. If things dealing with warranty protection are not mentioned in the contract

  • Does the brand of the roofing materials matter?
  • What about the number of years the company has been in business?
  • Does the company offer a warranty on their workmanship?

Like any salesman, roofing companies will try to convince you that their products and services are the absolute best that money can buy. Do yourself a favor and do a little legwork and research. Often times you will find that prices vary between companies. Some times it’s a lot, while other times it’s minimal. In some cases prices differences can make the choice even more difficult. There are a lot of factors that come in to play with the pricing disparities. Business overhead is a major one, but there’s also things like insurance and the way the company pays their employees. Paying an hourly wage vs. paying piece rate can be significant.

The nightmares about contractor rip-offs and shoddy workmanship are enough to make any home owner cringe at the prospect of hiring a roofer to perform work on their roof.  Unless you have a friend or family member who can refer you to a roofing contractor they have used, chances are that you will be facing a hit-or-miss risk in making the right choice.  Fortunately this website has been developed for the safeguard of homeowners from fly-by-night roofing contractors who take your money and run, as well as contractors who lack quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Unless you know the essential elements of a roofing system, manufacturer warranty requirements, and what work is actually needed to be done, there is no guarantee that your own best interests are protected. Unfortunately the truth is that you may be taken advantage of and you will not even know it.  Does this mean that your roof will fail in a few years?  Not necessarily.  Does this mean that all roofing companies cannot be trusted?  Absolutely not! However, why take the risk if it is not necessary?

The truth about roofing contractors is that you want to balance workmanship and affordability when it comes to making the final choice.  The cheapest bid does not always mean that you are getting the best deal.


This website has not been developed for the purpose of pushing any one particular roofing contractor upon you, but rather it is being developed as an informational portal where you will learn to make an objective judgment based on facts.